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Key figures

More than 400 Members :


  • 350 companies (73% Startups & SMEs)
  • 10 research centers and universities
  • 10 local governments
  • 27 economic development organizations and other organizations
  • 3 private investors


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575 certified and financed projects


The cluster has certified nearly 575 projects that have secured total government funding of €850 million of the more than €2.1 billion in total R&D spending these projects represent. The 72 projects completed to date have resulted in 66 products (either on the market or in the process of being prepared for market release) and generated €3.60 billion in revenue.


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72 R&D projects completed


with measurable results:

202 patents applications filed

718 articles published, one-third in international journals

801 jobs created

Total investment of more than €214 million in equipment & infrastructure

• Revenue directly attributable to the projects:

  • €589 million already earned
  • €2.68 billion expected over the first three years post-project
  • €5.22 billion after the first three years post-project

86 products commercialized or in the process of commercialization