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WIREPAS : IoT Challenger Announces World’s First Non-Cellular 5G Technology, Sets New Global Standard for IoT

Wirepas, an IoT connectivity company from Finland, has Developed an Infrastructure-less and Autonomous Technology, now becoming the first non-cellular 5G

The new 5G Standard for IoT challenges the cellular monopoly
- No middleman
- No infrastructure
- No subscription fees
- Free dedicated global frequency
- Dense network capabilities
- One tenth of the cost

Wirepas, a Finnish company on a mission to change enterprise IoT, today announces the world’s first purpose-built non-cellular 5G technology, operating on a free global 1.9 GHz spectrum. The new standard lets any enterprise set up and manage its own network autonomously with no operators anywhere in the world. It also eliminates network infrastructure, equipment, middlemen or subscriptions - at a tenth of the cost in comparison to other market solutions.

This new 5G standard means that for the first time, any business, regardless of size, will finally be able to digitalize their business with world-class, reliable and affordable 5G connectivity. It will allow industries to run their own independent IoT systems and develop new services around their own expertise and business domain. It also enables them to store and consume the data generated in the way they see best fitting for them (on premises, in public cloud or anything in between), democratizing the data ownership.

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