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3D-OXIDES : Colored multi-functional labels for authentication and traceability applications

3D-Oxides is a SME specialized in developing structured oxide thin films for applications in very different fields (micro-electronics, photonics, biology, renewable energies, security, etc…). The deposition technique used is a disruptive technology that allows to obtain multi-element materials (up to 4) combined in very complex structures, both in terms of 3D topography and chemical composition (film thickness ranges from 10 nm to 5 mm with a 10 nm resolution, and pattern dimension varies between 200 nm and 1 cm, with a typical lateral resolution of 100 m). The deposited structures demonstrate high added-value functionalities to be integrated into next generation chips.


A first prototype of a "security tag" was developed by the R&D. It is in form of a label to be affixed on products to ensure their traceability and authentication. The deposited multi-functional oxide label can be structured at different levels, and its reading can be achieved at different scales and can deal with different properties (optical, chemical, electrical, etc…. In parallel to patterns visible to the eye, the label hides other details that can be identified with more complex readers (such as SmartPhones) or even advanced scientific instrument for higher precision.


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