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Airbus Group and Tronics partner on RF-MEMS switches

Under this agreement, Tronics accesses Airbus Group’s patent portfolio through an exclusive license for the development of a breakthrough technology platform for RF-MEMS switches. This platform will serve Airbus Group business units, as well as any other company wishing to manufacture nPnT switches or custom circuits, such as tunable filters, switch matrices and switched delay lines.

RF-MEMS constitute a promising technology for a large array of industrial applications such as test and instrumentation, 5th generation (5G) communication infrastructures, satellite communications and radar systems. The capacitive RF-MEMS technology platform developed by Tronics and Airbus Group Innovations, the corporate research and technology network, will enable the manufacturing of higher frequency switches and circuits, offering high linearity and wide band coverage with high power handling capabilities. This approach enables innovative, miniaturized, lightweight, and more efficient system architectures, improving sensing capabilities for secure and reliable communications.

Tronics has been collaborating with Airbus Group since 2012 to transfer their switch design to its Grenoble facility and integrate the high level of requirements into its hermetic wafer level packaging (WLP) solutions with integrated metal Through Silicon Vias (TSVs). This close collaboration has clearly demonstrated the feasibility and functionality of the integrated devices, and now enters its second phase in order to further improve the performances and maturity of the technology.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Tronics to jointly advance our technology and industrialize the RF-MEMS platform. Their agility, technical expertise and access to the market are key success factors for our project”, said Otto Gies, VP Innovation Nursery & Start-ups of Airbus Group. “Various products of our company will benefit from the availability of this new advanced technology”.

“We are delighted to strengthen our long-term partnership with a world-class leader like the Airbus Group”, added Pascal Langlois, Chief Executive Officer of Tronics. “The very promising results obtained over the years reinforce our strategic positioning and our capability to provide technology platforms in line with the specific requirements of key players in high growth markets”.

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