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FLUOPTICS© moves fast in open surgery at the international level

FLUOPTICS©, European expert in fluorescence imaging guided systems to assist surgeons is proud to announce today its 150th FLUOBEAM® installation in operating rooms internationally.

« FLUOPTICS© has been experiencing accelerated growth in the past months, thanks to solid market demand and international expansion. Our strong presence in Europe has positioned our Company as the leading fluorescence solution provider in Europe where we are the company with the most number of machines installed…» said Odile Allard, CEO and Co-Founder of FLUOPTICS©.

With sales in more than 16 countries, FLUOPTICS© is leading the European market of NIR (Near Infra-Red) fluorescence in open surgery.


Today over 15000 surgical procedures have been performed with the FLUOBEAM® systems. «We have reached an important milestone with the integration of our systems in over 150 hospitals. Reaching this symbolic milestone, we are ahead of plans and this not only confirms that there is a positive market trend, but also that the performance of the products that we offer meets the market demand…» said Odile Allard.


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