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Hoomano develops partnerships and projects around its “social brain” technology

Hoomano pursues its goal to become the go-to provider for the very highest quality of machine-user interaction. To do so, the company develops links with global manufacturers to help them strongly enhance the user experience with their robot or interactive device. Since the opening of its branch in Tokyo early 2017, Hoomano is taking part into major Japanese events to demonstrate its technological solutions.


Very recently, teams from Lyon and Tokyo both took part in Japan's largest IT and electronics exhibition and conference: CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies). Held every year in October and gathering over 150,000 visitors, this Japanese equivalent for the CES enabled more than 70 startups and universities to showcase their unique ideas and a variety of advanced technologies, including AI, in the 2018 edition. At this occasion Hoomano demonstrated its “Attention Module”. This technology can help manufacturers meet end-users’ needs and bring the most advanced and innovative products to the strategic markets they target, like elderly care, education, automotive, smart home and industry.


Besides, still in Tokyo, Hoomano’s Chief Scientific Officer, Amelie Cordier, co-chaired the "AI, environment and smart cities" session with Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, at the 1st Japanese-German-French DWIH Symposium on Artificial Intelligence held on November 21–22. This international research and applications event also welcomed French Pr. Dr. Cedric Villani for a keynote about “Artificial Intelligence for Humanity”.


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Hoomano’s CEO, Xavier BASSET, will talk about the benefits of creating a joint laboratory between public research and businesses during Minalogic annual meeting on December 6th.

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