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I-TEN raises €10 million for its industrial start

I-TEN, a firm specialized in solid and rechargeable micro-batteries, announced today the closing of a sizeable €10 million Series B financing round with a group of new investors led by Eren Groupe and Habert Dassault Finances, and with its longstanding investors since 2014, the funds managed by Demeter Partners, Innovacom and Kreaxi.


The funding consists of two stages: a first tranche of €6 million and a second tranche of €4 million to follow in a few months.


Founded by Fabien Gaben in 2011, I-TEN is a young company made up of 15 employees, based in Lyon, that has designed, and developed rechargeable and all solid-state micro-batteries, manufactured with ceramics layers just a few microns thick. I-TEN’s proprietary technologies have numerous applications, including an ability to operate in harsh environments and use for SMD assembly ("Surface Mount Devices") in electronics circuit boards.


The first tranche financing will allow I-TEN to industrialize its first generation of revolutionary micro-batteries with high-profile clients in several key markets such as watches, sensors, Internet of Things, healthcare, security, defence and numerous important electronic applications (including "back-up" and "always-on" functions, power supply, smart cards, etc.).

The second tranche will be used mainly to fund the development of I-TEN’s new generations of micro-batteries and new formats tailored to a large spectrum of uses.

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