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Power Regulation IPs from Dolphin Integration, now Silicon Proven on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX® Technology Platform

Grenoble, October 11th 2018,

Dolphin Integration today announced the qualification of the first wave of Power Management IPs on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX®) process technology. This consistent offering will help in accelerating and securing the cost-effective design of energy-efficient SoCs.


“The availability of these silicon-proven power management IPs on GF’s 22FDX platform paves the way for more efficient power distribution and control design to realize cost-effective next generation energy-efficient SoCs”, said Mark Ireland, vice president of ecosystem partnerships at GF.


Improving the energy-efficiency of SoCs has become a major challenge for most applications, be they battery-powered such as Wearables or Automotive or line-powered such as Home Multimedia or Servers. The integration of the power regulation network on SoC is the best approach to improve energy-efficiency while reducing BoM costs.

“The maturity of 22FDX process enabled the successful first pass silicon qualification of our Power Management IPs” said Frederic Renoux, EVP of Marketing and Sales at Dolphin Integration.  “Our eSR-Tugela DC-DC converter, with an efficiency as high as 95% and a programmable output voltage down to 0.6V allows SoC designer to take advantage of the unique low-voltage capabilities of 22FDX to minimize power consumption in active modes” adds Frederic.


All voltage regulators of DELTA Reusable Power Kit Library are available in multiple configurations, with the capability to support 1A current loads - soon to reach 6A - and an input voltage as high as 5.5V for direct connection to a battery.
Advanced simulation models are provided to implement power integrity checks at the earliest design stage. It ensures the construction of a fast and cost-effective power regulation network for any SoC, even when embedding noise sensitive IPs such as RF, ADC, DAC, PLL or High-Speed interfaces.


Highlights of Power Management IPs now qualified in 22FDX:

  • High-efficiency DC-DC switched-based converters, up to 95% efficiency based on configuration
  • Fast response linear regulators with good rejection ratio as high as 45 dB
  • POR-BOR monitor with ± 2% threshold accuracy
  • All products passed ESD qualifications: 2kV HBM, 500V CDM, and latch-up test 200 mA
  • Silicon IPs qualification reports are available on request.

Dolphin Integration is a GF FDXcelerator™ Program partner. 22FDX users can benefit from complete and consistent set of Dolphin Integration’s Power Management IPs to leverage advanced power architectures to meet their PPA goals.

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