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Reasonworx partners with Clim8 to develop North America brand technology partnerships

Reasonworx, the fast-growing, business and product development firm based in Salt Lake City, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Clim8, a France based intelligent thermal technology company. Clim8 has launched a digital ingredient technology and is currently building partnerships with industry leading brands. Reasonworx will act as the North America sales agents in developing and executing this North America partnership strategy in collaboration with the Clim8 Executive team.


“Given the obvious consumer need, people have been working on electrically powered thermal management for many years. Most solutions have warranted skepticism. Not until Clim8, have we seen a technology that is actually future looking, in function and durability, and the incorporation of intelligent user data analytics. Not to mention the employment of an actual thermostat that works properly to both manage thermal comfort and battery life. Electrically heated apparel has finally caught up with the smart phone”, says Robert Fry, Principal at Reasonworx.


Florian Miguet, CEO of Clim8 states, “We are happy with the progress we’ve made to date in both our key international partnerships and the development of our intelligent thermal technology. North America is a key market for us and adding talent on the caliber of Robert and Jeff is a huge win for our fast-growing team. We are thrilled to be teaming with Reasonworx and look forward to signing new business partnerships in the months to come.” 


The Reasonworx team will be handling all North America Sales relations on behalf of Clim8. Reasonworx will be available for appointments at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show, or, can be reached via  Please visit to learn more about this intelligent thermal technology solution.

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