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Soly™ for container management at the Roissy PIAC airport site

SOLYSTIC won an important contract with La Poste for container management at the Roissy PIAC airport site with its Soly™ Move mobile robotics solution.


The Soly™ Move application is based on a fleet of Soly™ mobile robots driven in real time by an information system.


Soly™ Move with at least 40 robots, supports containers (bags, bins, parcels and non-standard format objects) from air and road arrivals to individually dispatch them to different treatment workshops and storage areas. The unloading and loading of the containers (as well as the batteries of the Soly™) are robotic.


Soly™ Move brings the benefits of a customized solution, without any fixed infrastructure (the system can therefore be quickly resized if necessary) and makes it possible to adapt to changes in flows and processes. To ensure the greatest flexibility, the fleet of robots will vary during peak activity periods.

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