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Coordination unit

Cluster management and structuring projects

  • Jean-Eric Michallet, CEO
  • Leila Cherifi, Executive Assistant
  • Pierre-Damien Berger, Director, MinaSmart-DIH Europe


Administrative and Financial

  • Rémi Tassan,  Chief Financial Officer/In charge of Economical impact of R&D projects
  • Willy Vial, Management accountant

Technological Innovation Development

  • Hervé Ribot, Director, Micro/nano/electronics Department
  • Philippe Wieczorek, Director, Software Department
  • David Gal-Regniez, Director, Contents & Usages Department
  • Laure Quintin, European Project Manager
  • Guillaume Saint-Marcoux, Innovative projects and IT systems manager


  • Easytech :

    • Damien Cohen, Easytech program manager
    • Emmanuelle Feltrin, Easytech program officer

Corporate relations and business services :

  • Erasmia Dupenloup, Director, Business Development
  • Jérôme Fraysse, Director, Lyon office
  • Elvir Mujic, Director, Saint-Etienne office
  • Kate Margetts, International Relations Manager
  • Catherine Jury, Business Development officer
  • Orlane Gimenez, Business Development officer


Communications & Events :

  • Christine Rousseau, Communications & event manager
  • Nathalie Gibert, Communications & event officer
  • Marie Thiery, Communications & event officer


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