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A High-tech Hub

Grenoble has a long tradition of fruitful alliances linking research, education, and industry. Effective, value-generating partnerships between public and private organizations have made Grenoble a global hub for innovation.

Source : The Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI)

Key technologies

Grenoble-Isère is a center for research and development in advanced technologies addressing three of modern society's major transformations: the emergence of the information society, the transition to renewable energy, and the changing face of healthcare.

  • Electronics, microelectronics, and nanoelectronics
  • IT and software 
  • Healthcare technologies
  • Energy technologies
  • Chemical and environmental technologies
  • and other key technologies


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Electronics, microelectronics, and nanoelectronics

€10 billion invested since 2002 plus €3.5 billion in additional investment in 2013 in the Nano2017 R&D program
Europe's largest and among the world's top five micro- and nanoelectronics clusters
Home to one-third of France's electronic component manufacturing jobs
Specialized know-how in microelectronics design software and EDA




IT and software

  • A center for hardware-software convergence and the internet of things
  • A quarter of all jobs are in R&D (private and public sectors combined)
  • A qualified workforce: Grenoble has "one of the largest pools of talented engineers anywhere," according to Parker Harris,




  • 40,000 jobs
  • 6,800 students
Electronics and micro- and nanoelectronics
25 000 jobs
Private sector companies 22 000 jobs
Government-funded research  3 000 jobs


IT and software
15 000 jobs
Private sector companies 13 000 jobs
Government-funded research 2 000 jobs



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