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2015, a year in review

2015, a year in review

Cluster activites



Ten years’

driving innovation

and economic growth


In November 2005, a large consortium of Grenoble-based organizations from the public and private sectors submitted a bid to the French government’s then-brand-new cluster initiative—and Minalogic was founded. What began as a “project factory” specializing in micro- and nanoelectronics and (embedded) software gradually expanded, both internationally and in terms of the technologies covered.

Ten years on, Minalogic today covers all digital technologies integrating micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics, and software, reaching out to all innovation stakeholders across the Rhône-Alpes region.

The cluster has become a powerful “product factory,” providing its members with a constantly-growing lineup of networking, innovation, and business services.


In 2015, Minalogic pursued its development strategy:

  • Coordinating the innovation ecosystem
  • Promoting members’ know-how and innovations
  • Building relationships with partner and other networks
  • Raising the entire ecosystem’s profile for the benefit of all stakeholders



Read on to learn more about the key events that marked the year 2015!


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