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Big Booster Season 3

Big Booster Season 3

Call for applications




Calling all Startups!

Big Booster is back for its 3rd Season
to help spur some of the most exciting tech innovations into global markets





This unique international non-profit acceleration program for startups provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost their new solutions in Bio & Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact, with the support of industry experts, early adopters and representatives from the VC community to take the leap internationally.


Organized across the globe, from Lyon (FR) to Boston (MA, USA), passing through China, Middle East & Africa, BigBooster aims at empowering startups to cross borders, think global and go international, with the help of major mentors, coach, and startup experts of all backgrounds.


They invite you to join them for the third Season of this incredible adventure.
Their non-profit program is entirely constraint-free for the startups, while being a great opportunity to enhance their global approach.



The registration deadline is September 18th


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Big Booster is a unique international non-profit acceleration program for early startups in