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Minalogic sharpens focus on energy

Minalogic sharpens focus on energy

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The energy market is still changing rapidly, offering real business opportunities. In terms of digital technology, the energy market is driving the development of smart grid technologies and the emergence of new uses for technology that will create new sources of growth.

This young, evolving market is nothing if not fast-paced. Businesses hoping to carve out a position will have to cope with the major transformations that massive penetration of digital technology will bring. Traditional energy-industry businesses will have to make room for new players in ICTs, telecommunications, and ESNs..


This changing landscape is giving rise to partnerships between traditional energy-market stakeholders and new market entrants. The Think Smartgrids and SmartGrids France partnerships and the Smart Grid Campus and Smart Grid Institute are just a few examples. exemple ou les initiatives Smart Grid Campus et Smart Grid Institute.


The new energy market is being shaped by a slate of complementary—and sometimes competing—stakeholders. Digital technology providers and traditional energy companies must now carve out their respective positions in this new landscape without excluding other stakeholders from academia, government, and research, and, of course, startups..



Innovation is driving the energy market and creating business opportunities 

The innovation that is driving market growth is creating new opportunities for business. Nowhere is this more visible than in new developments in IoT for energy. Numerous businesses are racing to innovate in areas like energy storage, developing smaller, more affordable batteries for residential energy storage. A technological revolution is sweeping the energy market—one that will finally make it possible for homes to provide their own energy.


Startups are cropping up everywhere. Some of them even foresee the Uberization of the energy market, a massive shift from current energy business models.

With new innovations, new ways of using technology and new stakeholders on the horizon, smart energy solutions that enable smart energy production and consumption will play a key role and shape the future energy landscape.



Innovative products born from Minalogic R&D projects


Minalogic has certified collaborative R&D projects targeting the energy market. These projects have resulted in the market release of innovative new products like:

  • Dracula Power Ultralight , a USB-connected solar panel with enhanced solar energy storage for off-grid power
  • LEDBox, a new lighting management system that can operate several lamps at room-level for greater energy efficiency and occupant comfort and convenience
  • Novalamp, an energy-efficient lighting solution, suitable for industrial environments, that helps users get more out of efficient, reliable, high-power LED systems
  • RV2, a rotating microgenerator designed to provide energy for low-power connected objects by harvesting energy from movement of all kinds (slow or fast, regular or irregular)


Encouraging future collaborative projects for the energy industry

Minalogic is supporting its members in their efforts to stake out a position on the booming energy market. Some of the ways the cluster is doing this include actively participating in major Smart Grid France events like the Smart Grid Academy and by passing on information from major events by Think Smart Grid, of which Minalogic is a partner.


Minalogic also supports the Isère district initiative led by the Greater Grenoble Intermunicipal Authority and the Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI), which will run a joint exhibit pavilion at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, a major international Smart City event.


The Minalogic community includes around 40 members with know-how applicable to the energy industry.



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