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Report on the Silicon Europe Cluster Forum

Report on the Silicon Europe Cluster Forum



The Silicon Europe Cluster Forum (SECF), the twice-yearly meeting of the twelve members of the Silicon Europe Alliance, was held on May 19, 2017 at the Centre des Microtechniques in Gardanne at the initiative of cluster SCS. Minalogic is chair of the 2017 meetings.



The meeting gave the Silicon Europe Alliance member clusters an opportunity to reconfirm their commitment to the Alliance’s roadmap and main objectives, which are to:

  • Facilitate communication between the members of the ecosystems within the scope of the Alliance to generate business and R&D opportunities
  • Represent a broad range of microelectronics and digital industry stakeholders (and, mainly, SMEs) internationally, especially in Taiwan and on the US east coast



Key take-aways from the meeting: 


The Alliance welcomed a new cluster

MESAP, the Smart Products and Manufacturing Innovation Cluster in Piedmont, in Turin, Italy, joined the Silicon Europe Alliance. MESAP specializes in mechatronics and advanced manufacturing processes.


A series of joint events to kick off in 2017

The members of the Alliance will pursue and expand their joint initiatives in 2017. Joint events and trips will be organized by the Alliance to support members’ international development strategies.



These joint events and trips will round out the many initiatives the Alliance has run since its inception in October 2015:

  • Member companies’ participation in the Minalogic Business Meetings international business convention in April 2017 in Grenoble; the DSP Valley B2B Forum in June 2016 in Louvain; and Silicon Saxony Day in June 2016 in Dresden.
  • Business development trips to help member companies build relationships with other international ecosystems like Taiwan in June 2016; European Innovation Week; and Finland in October 2016 at the initiative of member cluster BCS.
  • Joint submissions for major EU projects at the intersection of technologies and involving digital technology and markets like personalized medicine, the Internet of Things, and the Factory of the Future.




The next Silicon Alliance Cluster Forum will take place on November 30–December 1 in Austria at the initiative of member cluster Silicon Alps. The agenda will include a vote to appoint the next Alliance Chair and Vice Chair.




About the Silicon Europe Alliance

The Silicon Europe Alliance, created in October 2015, brings together twelve of Europe’s digital technology clusters around the common goal of bolstering Europe’s digital and microelectronics industries by promoting joint initiatives among the 2,000 members of the Alliance’s world-class ecosystems.

Minalogic CEO Isabelle Guillaume was appointed Chairwoman of the Alliance in October 2016.

Silicon Europe Alliance’s twelve members in 2017: Silicon Saxony (Germany), Minalogic (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France), High-Tech NL and BCS NL (the Netherlands), DSP Valley (Belgium), Silicon Alps (Austria), NMI (United Kingdom), MIDAS (Ireland), SCS (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, France), GAIA (Spain), Fondation Distretto Green and Hi-Tech of Monza Brianza (Italy), and MESAP (Italy).



Your Minalogic contact:

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