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DATE 2015 (9-13/03/2015) - Grenoble, Alpexpo

DATE 2015 (9-13/03/2015) - Grenoble, Alpexpo








DATE 2015: Advance Programme available online at http://www.date-conference.com/conference/event-overview


DATE combines the world's favorite electronic systems design and test conference with an international exhibition for electronic design, automation and test, ranging from advances on system-level hardware and software implementation to integrated circuit design and nano-technology manufacturing technologies.


DATE 2015 received eligible 915 paper submissions - an all-time high for DATE and a 3% increase over DATE 2014.

Besides the large share (45%) of submissions coming from Europe, 24% of submissions are from North-America, 28% from Asia, and 3% from the rest of the world. This proves DATE's international character, its global reach and world-wide impact.

For the 18th successive year, DATE has prepared an exciting technical programme. With the help of the 309 members from its Technical Programme Committee who carried out 3675 reviews (more than four per submission), finally 206 papers (22%) were selected for regular presentation and 86 additional ones (9%) for interactive presentation this year.

The DATE 2015 conference will be held at the Alpexpo Congress Center in Grenoble, France, offering once again a truly interesting programme lasting the whole week of March 9 to 13, 2015. On Monday, the conference starts with 10 in-depth tutorials and the "IEEE CEDA Internet-of-Things (IoT) Students Competition" taking place for the first year at DATE. From Tuesday to Thursday, the main technical programme composed of 78 technical sessions comes about. This programme is divided in parallel tracks from four main areas:

  • D - Design Methods and Tools,
  • A - Application Design,
  • T - Test and Robustness,
  • E - Embedded Systems Software

Finally, on Friday, 10 parallel workshops will highlight latest research on hot topics in electronic systems design, such as, 3D design automation, neurocomputing and optical interconnect systems.

This year one of the plenary keynote speakers on Tuesday is EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger to talk about "European Microelectronics Strategy" and Jean Marc Chery, Chief Operating Officer of STMicroelectronics. On the same day, the Executive Track offers a series of business panels discussing hot topics. Executive speakers from companies leading the design and automation industry will address some of the complexity issues in electronics design and discuss about the advanced technology challenges and opportunities.

In addition, the distinctive highlights of DATE 2015 are the two special days:

  • "Designing Electronics for the Internet of Things (IoT)" on Wednesday
  • "Designing Electronics for Medical Applications" on Thursday

A comprehensive overview regarding both themes will be given, ranging from innovations and applications of latest technologies to analysis of upcoming electronic design automation (EDA) research challenges.

On one hand, the IoT, also known as the "Internet of Anything" promises to realize the omnipresent network of tens of billions of communicating devices. These devices will enable new business models and revolutionize industrial production, logistics and social life, but they will also require dedicated hardware, ultra-low power robust devices and new design methodologies. These topics will be covered by the three keynotes on Wednesday.

  • First, Wolfgang Wahlster (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DE) will address "Industry 4.0: From the Internet of Things to Cyber-Physical Production Systems".
  • Then, Antun Domic (Synopsys) will analyze "The Rise of IoT, and the Role of EDA".
  • Finally, Hannes Schwaderer (Intel) will highlight the market driven challenges of IoT devices.

On the other hand, providing universal and costly-effective healthcare to the complete human kind has become a major challenge in our modern society. Thus, Thursday will feature an outstanding set of 4 special sessions on the topic of "Game-changing innovation in health care". This day includes 10 trend-setting invited papers, 8 of which come from key industrial players in the health care field. Furthermore, one keynote in the frame of the Special Day on Medical Electronics will be given by Kristoffer Famm from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to talk about "Bioelectronic Medicines - Heralding in a New Therapeutic Approach".

In addition, numerous Interactive Presentations are organized into five IP sessions during the conference. The accompanying exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of commercial design and verification tools including vendor seminars and industrial presentations in the Exhibition Theatre. Moreover, abundant networking possibilities exist with fringe meetings and demonstrations of university research in European projects.

We wish you a successful and exciting DATE 2015 and an entertaining DATE party on Wednesday evening, which will take place in the memorable "Musée de Grenoble".



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