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Les prochains appels à compétences du Pacte PME

Les prochains appels à compétences du Pacte PME


Survey in contactless technologies


An European multi-national leader in the Defence sector is interested in receiving proposals for contactless technologies able to transfer numerical data and/or energy.


Suppression of physical link (cabling and connectors) between a mission store (store like missile, bomb, pod...) and a platform (aircraft, helicopter, UAV or ground vehicle...) during carriage phase of store . The gap between emitters and receptors is below five (5) centimetres. The store must be released from the platform without damaging the contactless system.

There are two types of link to consider:

  • electrical power supply transfer (platform → store)
  • numerical data transfer (platform ↔ store)


Interest is to simplify physical interface between store and platform to avoid frequent physical connection / disconnection cycles, and to avoid connection problems during separation phase of the stor



Contactless energy transfer
Contactless data transfer


Establish the feasibility of different types of technologies for exchanging bi-directional numerical data with the store and to power it.

Proposed solutions can respond either to the two types of links or one of them.

Part A - Types of primary Power :

  • Power DC 28V 500W
  • Power DC 115V/400hz 500W

Part B - Numerical data bus up to 100 Mbit/sec

Evaluate, for each type of technology, performances and limits , EMC generated and susceptibility to EMC environment, overall mass and volume of the contactless system.

ITAR free technologies will be preferred.


Type de PME

European SME