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On the road to Las Vegas! From January 6 to 9, 2015

On the road to Las Vegas! From January 6 to 9, 2015


Minalogic, Imaginove and the Cluster Edit will showcase 13 of their innovative SMEs during the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's most important exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.

Philippe Wieczorek, Minalogic's software director, David Gal-Régniez, Imaginove's project manager research and development, and Thierry Alvergnat, Cluster Edit's general manager, will be present alongside these innovative companies on the Eureka Park area, dedicated to start-ups and innovative SMEs Squadrone System will exhibit in the area dedicated to drones.

Set-up by Minalogic, Imaginove and the Cluster Edit with the support of the Rhône-Alpes region, this mission offers a great opportunity for innovative start-ups and SMEs of clusters to promote their skills, while giving them an international visibility.

Driven by the success of the mission organized in 2014, Minalogic, Imaginove and the Cluster Edit wished to support their companies this time again on this well-known and major event for the consumer electronics industry. This leading international event offers the possibility to meet buyers and technologies integrators from many sectors (telecoms, computer science, electronics, energy, games, robotics...) where companies from the Rhone-Alpes region have great innovations to showcase.

13 SMEs from the Rhône-Alpes region on the Consumer Electronics Show


Eureka Park, Booth n°75471
Creation: 2014
ABEEWAY revolutionizes the geolocation market with its flagship product, APY: a smart, tiny and stylish GPS beacon that achieves a battery life of two years! Find your pet, receive alarms if anyone tries to steal your belongings, find your loved ones ... put your mind at ease with APY!

Site internet : www.abeeway.com



Eureka Park, Booth n°75706
Creation: 2010
Adways is focused on interactive video on any device. Adways Studio is a SaaS Cloud platform enabling interactive video creation; by suggesting multimedia content and web apps at specific time and location of your videos; then accessible through any kind of devices

Site internet : www.adways-studio.com


Creation: 2004
Alpwise is the Bluetooth wireless solution supplier for semi-conductors, automotive systems, medical terminals, mobile phone accessories, and any IoT connected device manufacturers.
Alpwise provides Bluetooth classic and LE protocol stacks, RF modules, development kits for embedded environment as well as for iOS and Android. In addition, Alpwise supports its customers with complete engineering services and design support. Wireless technology provider, Alpwise brings also complete tracking and geolocalization solutions based on beacon and Bluetooth low energy. Our aim is to accelerate and secure the integration of wireless technology into our customer products and applications.

Site internet : www.alpwise.com



Eureka Park, Booth n°75146
Creation: 2010
BeSpoon solved the problem of indoor position tracking with a patent-protected UWB chip that can track items or individuals to within a few centimeters. Developed in cooperation with CEA-Leti, the chip powers off-the-shelf products to build high-precision Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) with applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing, healthcare, home automation, gaming, emergency management and countless other sectors.

Site internet : www.bespoon.com


Cityzen Sciences

Eureka Park, Booth n°75764
Creation: 2010
Cityzen Sciences is specialized in revolutionary textile embedded with smart sensors and adaptive algorithms. The first product developed is the D-Shirt (Digital Shirt). It relays the user's bio signals for monitoring and real-time coaching. The technology behind the D-Shirt is progressive and fits for mass-production.

Site internet : www.cityzensciences.fr



Eureka Park, Booth n°75509
Creation: 2014
EnerBee is an industrial startup developing motion-based generators. Our energy harvesters combine piezoelectricity and magnetism to generate electricity from motion nearly any speed. EnerBee generators are replacing batteries used to power smart devices in a wide range of applications including: watches, smart meters, access control, building automation... and provide devices with energy autonomy.

Site internet : www.enerbee.fr



Eureka Park, Booth n°75511
Creation: 2012
Holî imagines lights that go beyond illumination to improve the way we live. Our last product is SleepCompanion, the light to sleep better. It's a unique light bulb generating the right type of light your body needs at the right moment, controlled by an APP that analyses the physical and environmental factors affecting your sleep so you can improve your sleeping habits.

Site internet : www.holimotion.com


Eureka Park, Booth n°75538
Creation: 2014
ISKN was founded by a multidisciplinary team specialized in electronic engineering and user experience design. ISKN's mission is to combine the natural experience of tangible tools with the power of digital technology. The company commercializes an innovative writing device, the Slate. This is the first product which integrates the ISKN technology.

Site internet : www.isketchnote.com

KD Interactive / Kurio

Eureka Park, Booth n°74343
Creation: 2011
KD Interactive is a company of KD Group, formerly CIDE Group. This division has been created with the specific objective of incorporating new technologies with learning and the development of childhood comprehension. KD Interactive released its innovative and successful Kurio product range in 2012 and is now introducing its brand new Kurio Tab/Kurio Xtreme range!

Site internet : www.kd-interactive.com



Eureka Park, Booth n°75586
Creation: 2004
Kolor is a global leader in image stitching and 360-degree virtual tour solutions along with specific solutions for 360-degree videos. Its most famous brands include Autopano and Panotour. Awarded several times for its expertise and innovation, Kolor is partnered with Intel and a member of the Edit cluster and development hubs of Ora and Imaginove.

Site internet : www.kolor.com


Smart me up

Eureka Park, Booth N°75673
Creation: 2012
Smart Me Up has developped a face analysis technology on video streams, and in real time. Out tools can extract the gender of a person, the position of his head in 3D, his age, his emotions, or also to identify him. Our technological brick, purely software, has applications in numerous industries: photography, audience analysis, automotive, or security.

Site internet : www.smartmeup.org


Squadrone System

Area dedicated to drones, Booth N°26320
Creation: 2014
HEXO+ is disrupting the camera industry with the first autonomous FlyingCam, enabling anyone to produce Hollywood-style Camera Angles, that are instantly shareable on social media.

Site internet : www.hexoplus.com



Creation: 2014
Trackin is a SAAS for restaurants that are delivering. Our Solution instantly automates the delivery logistics and online communication, from smart online ordering, real-time tracking to last mile optimization. Trackin connects your manager, deliverymen and clients and finally allows you to deliver like pros!

Site internet : www.trackin.co


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