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R&D AI lead position (M/F)

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The candidate is expected to dedicate his/her time in formulating different plans on different AI models which are used for detection, segmentation, and characterization of different classes of waste from the projects at Ficha.

The projects which mostly concentrate on improving the sorting rates and detection of sorting errors from different physical environments.
Thus, the candidate will be responsible for managing the AI and ML team and supervise them in their respective domains for achieving the objectives and targets alongside building and managing R&D plans for the company.

The candidate will be working mostly with the cloud services which are extensively used and should be able to interact with the servers to push or extract data to and from.

The candidate will be working in conjunction with the CTO and the hardware lead to fulfill the project demands.

About us :

An underlying problem in the world is growing with every single passing second. This problem is emerging silently to be the world's biggest concern besides global warming and climate change. This problem is nothing but the different types of waste we are generating in our daily lives. The globe is already facing challenges to handle its waste which is either ending up in the incinerators or the landfill which in either case is dangerous for global health.
Ficha is a start-up registered in France with its registered office in Grenoble. We work in the field of waste management with AI at the core of all the projects. Machine vision plays a crucial role in the detection of different classes of waste for different use cases. With three different projects undergoing, there are a lot of opportunities to contribute to the waste management process by bringing more visibility and contributing to the quantification and qualification of waste into the recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
We are a very dynamic and young team with people hailing from different countries and also from different domains of expertise. This diversity brings a large number of occasions to interact in terms of different possibilities of solutions for the solution which gives a diversified perspective of the different issues arising and discovered in the domain of waste management.

Desired skills :

1) Well versed and experienced in Python.
2) Acquainted with cloud services, PyTorch/TensorFlow, and CollabPro.
3) Experience with image processing is a must.
4) Experience in AI models including computer vision is a must.
5) Experience with OpenCV is a plus.
6) Experience in C++ is a plus.
7) Candidates with a PhD from the domain will be preferred.
8) A team player with autonomy in the work.
9) A candidate portraying leadership qualities will be preferred.
10) Experience with managing events/projects and teams will be considered as a plus.
11) Fluency in English is mandatory. French is a plus.

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Grenoble (38000)

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