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Absolut System

Absolut System



Absolut System is a simplified shares society (SAS) established beginning 2012 by High skilled engineers with large experience and expertise in cryogenics. The company was established with the objective of cryogenic engineering, development, design and commercialization of custom's design equipment which can't be found off the shelf. The long term experience and expertise of Absolut System's experts makes the cryocooler one of the best example of teh core business of the company with their development, manufacturing and their integration in high sensitivity detection systems, superconducting devices, and intermediate size helium, nitrogen or oxygen liquefiers. Our objective is to offerall the technical comptencies we acquired during the last 30 years to industrial and laboratory customers. The markets foreseen within those activities are : - cryogenic, vacuum, energy, environment - scientific applications, superconductivity, detectors (IR, Gamma, etc..) - ground or on-board applications (aircraft, navy, space) - thermal control in spacecraft or cryogenic upper stages for space launchers

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5 bis rue du Champlars

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Mr. RAVEX Alain

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