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Leti is an institute of CEA, a French research-and-technology organization with activities in energy, IT, healthcare, defence and security.


Leti is focused on creating value and innovation through technology transfer to its industrial partners. It specializes in nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology, healthcare and photonics. NEMS and MEMS are at the core of its activities

In addition to Leti’s 1,700 employees, there are more than 250 students involved in research activities, which makes Leti a mainspring of innovation expertise. Leti’s portfolio of 2,800 patents helps strengthen the competitiveness of its industrial partners.

LETI technologies that have become commercial products include:

  •     load sensors for Terraillon
  •     airbag impact sensors for Freescale Semiconductor
  •     night vision sensors and camera imagers for Nokia mobile phones
  •     low-power consumption processors for STMicroelectronics
  •     rapid bird-flu analysis equipment
  •     X-ray digital imaging sensors


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On June 28-29, 2017, Leti will celebrate its 50th anniversary during its Innovation Days.