1 adhérent - 1 vidéo - BeFC

1 adhérent - 1 vidéo - BeFC

Discover BeFC and Jules Hammond - CEO.

BeFC is reinventing the way we are powering disposable electronics. We offer eco-friendly paper-based biofuel cells for sustainable and practical energy generation.

The Disposable Devices Market is evolving. Electronics integration in disposable devices has become increasingly important. The button or coin cell power sources used are often difficult to recycle, toxic or dangerous to the environment. The development of safe and ecological devices is often a barrier to the progression of single-use and single-patient devices.

We offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for practical energy generation whilst minimising impact to the environment. BeFC believes that our approach will not only allow the replacement of batteries for existing applications, but also pen up new opportunities for low-power ultra-thin health monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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