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MICROOLED partners with UL Control to bring ActiveLook heads-up display technology to the world of ultra-light aviation

At the World Microlight Exhibition, MICROOLED, the specialist in the manufacture of OLED micro-displays, and UL Control will unveil the first heads-up-display safety device for pilots compatible with ActiveLook technology. The most important flight data can now be seen directly in the pilot’s field of view through their glasses. Safety for recreational aviation is reinvented while pilot comfort is significantly enhanced.

‍MICROOLED, the specialist in the manufacture of OLED micro-screens, and UL Control, a company specialized in innovative flight instruments for ultra-light aircraft, unveils the UC1 system at theWorld Microlight Exhibition. UC1 is the first heads-up-display safety device for ULM pilots with ActiveLook technology. The UC1 system consists of a multi-sensor device that measures flight parameters, an interface module for system configuration, as well as one or two pairs of heads-up-display AR glasses with ActiveLook technology

UC1 is the first heads-up-display solution for recreational aviation. In aviation, heads-up displays are used by military pilots and in commercial and private aviation. These displays show critical flight data at the pilot's eye level. Thanks to ActiveLook, this technology is now available to the world of ultra-light aviation.

ActiveLook technology is a heads-up-display technology for smart glasses that combines low weight, low power consumption, and very long battery life. Thanks to glasseswith ActiveLook technology, ULM pilots can see all of their data in real time during flight, such as the air speed, vertical speed, altitude or aerodynamic impact. The integration of this data has been made to increase safety and improve pilot comfort.

The most important data will be shown on the glasses, whereas the interface box, installed in the cabin, informs about the status of the system. The probe, installed on the wing of the aircraft without any modification of it, includes many sensors and a powerful microcontroller allowing the calculation of parameters useful to the pilot. All of these elements are autonomous and communicate in between each other thanks to a Bluetooth link. The interface box also has a WIFI connection for the updates of the system.

Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of  MICROOLED commented: “ActiveLook technology is already trusted by paragliders. With ULControl, our heads-up display technology is brought to the world of ultra-light aviation. This technology allows pilots to maintain high situational awareness, without having to look away to read flight information on other screens, increasing their safety and comfort throughout the flight.”


MICROOLED specializes in the design, production and marketing of OLED micro displays for near-eye applications (outdoor optical equipment, night vision glasses, ocular equipment for medical devices, augmented reality glasses, etc.). MICROOLED is a key partner of the world’s top technology integrators with a unique technology that combines high resolution, high brightness, and low energy consumption. The company is the largest manufacturer of its kind outside of Asia, and one of thelargest manufacturers, globally, in its historical markets.

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UL CONTROL specializes in the design and manufacture of non certified flight instruments for ultra-light and light aviation. This young French startup composed of experienced aeronautical professionals and located in the south of France had already created an instrument (EMS) for ULM engines. It is now fully dedicated to its heads-up display system that is aimed to be broadcasted on global markets of ULM, gliding, light aviation and paragliding.

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