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Nicomatic Group raises 45 million euros

The group intensifies its growth and investment momentum.

Nicomatic Group, a major international player in the field of interconnect solutions for electronic systems, is proud to announce the acquisition of a syndicated loan of 45 million euros. This financing is provided by a consortium of five French banks: Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Banque Palatine, Caisse d’Épargne, and Crédit Coopératif, demonstrating strong confidence from these financial institutions.

This significant fundraising will enable the group to accelerate its expansion across three axes:

  • Growth: by establishing new international subsidiaries and making new acquisitions.
  • Investment: in equipment and research, thus stimulating innovation.
  • Dynamism and Responsiveness: by continuing to meet the demands of clients and partners efficiently.

With an exceptional record for 2023, marked by record-breaking results, substantial growth in hiring, opening of new subsidiaries, acquisition of new companies, and development of new products, Nicomatic Group strengthens its position as an international leader in interconnections for electronic systems.

Committed to this positive dynamic, the group continues to fortify its role as a leading solution provider in the global electronic market, thus continuing its rise and success in an ever-evolving sector.

About Nicomatic Group |

Nicomatic Group is an international company offering comprehensive high-tech solutions in harsh and critical environments.

The three companies of Nicomatic Group in brief:

  • Nicomatic: renowned for designing and manufacturing creative interconnect solutions for complex electronic systems in harsh ;
  • Oxytronic: specializes in the design and manufacturing of embedded electronic ;
  • Accurate: offers services and solutions for rugged tactical power, signal, and computer needs.


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