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PROBAYES : Free symposium « Parallel Computing Quatum Devices »

As the demand for more powerful computing resource increase, new computing approaches are actively developed.

The FET-Open European project COPAC, Coherent Optical Parallel Computing, is one of such endeavors : COPAC aims at implementing massively parallel quantum logics on solid state quantum dot devices operating at room temperature using sequences of fs laser pulses.

COPAC, to which Probayes belongs, is organizing an online symposium on March 23rd, 24th and 25th 2021, that covers the different facets non linear optics, materiel science, quantum devices and quantum computing of the project.

Registration is free but mandatory for attending the web symposium.

People interested in making a 5 minutes presentation during one of the two poster sessions are encouraged to send an email with title and short abstract of maximum one A4 page at

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