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Quobly wins €2.5 million EIC grant to develop FD-SOI quantum processor demonstrator

The European Innovation Council has approved €2.5 million in EIC Transition funding for Quobly for its MCSQUARE project to build an FD-SOI quantum processor demonstrator.

This new project will build on the advances made during the Quantum Flagship project QLSI (Quantum Large Scale Integration in Silicon) to deliver an FD-SOI-based quantum processor demonstrator with a novel 4x4 multicore architecture, which presents both long- and short-term advantages that will enable progress towards fault-tolerance and support promising noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms.

At Quobly, we are on track to build the most energy-efficient and cost-effective full-stack quantum processor. Through the EIC-funded Transition program, we will demonstrate a multicore architecture leveraging Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FD-SOI) technology, the cornerstone of scaling. We will then be prepared to increase both the number of cores and the number of qubits per core,” says Maud Vinet, CEO of Quobly.

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