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The European project KETs4Dual-Use 2.0 project officially started on 16 September 2021. The project builds on the outcomes of its predecessor EU KETs4Dual-Use, which was carried out as a Phase 1 project between September 2018 and February 2020. The project aims to set up business collaboration and to stimulate demand for European start-ups & SMEs technologies and services in target countries to gain cross-border diversification and sectoral synergies representing both the supplier (technology/service providers) and end-user side.

The consortium of partners includes French clusters (pôles de compétitivité) OPTITEC, as the coordinator, Minalogic & SAFE, the Danish national cluster for defence, space and security CenSec as well as the Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA).

The project intends to act as a “springboard” for European dual-use companies wishing to access international markets, with the aim of integrating sustainable long-term partnerships. The project will support European dual-use small and medium enterprises (SMEs) accessing markets in Canada, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and generating growth, notably through their participation in international missions.

In order to efficiently support the European companies, notably SMEs, in their conquest of dual-use markets in target countries, the following actions are being carried-out:

  • Selection of international advisors in target countries
  • Dedicated training on international markets and briefing sessions
  • Organisation of international missions
  • Providing SMEs with a sustainable lifecycle support following their participation in missions

The consortium has created a registered pool of dual-use SMEs from the consortium partners’ combined membership.

On the behalf of the project consortium, OPTITEC is looking for a maximum of 3 (three) Providers (provided enough tenders meet the criteria indicated below) in order to support the implementation of the project with a particular expertise on key enabling technologies in the field of defence, security and procurement processes in the 3 target countries: Canada, Singapore and the UAE.

This Contract is currently estimated to cover activities to be held by 15/09/2023 (tentative end date of the project). The planning will be agreed with the selected advisers.

For information purposes only, the total amount of the object of present tender should in principle not exceed 60 000 Euros ( for the 3 lots) for the whole duration of the Contract. This information does not constitute any sort of contractual commitment or obligation on the part of the project consortium.

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Coordinator contact: Mme Stéphanie Renaud, Project Manager (


The present tendering procedure aims to select Mission Adviser(s) to support the implementation of the project and is divided into the following lots:

Lots Maximum number of Mission Advisers to be selected
Lot 1: Local advisers in Canada 1
Lot 2: Local advisers in Singapore 1
Lot 3: Local advisers in United Arab Emirates 1


OPTITEC for the consortium will select the abovementioned number of Mission Adviser(s) per lot, provided enough tenders meet the criteria indicated below. Tenderers are invited to indicate which lot(s) they are tendering for in their proposal.

Tenderers are allowed to apply to one, two or all lots.

Subcontracting within each lot is not authorised.

Scope of the contract

The Mission Advisers must provide a team of qualified people with a combination of evaluation skills and thematic knowledge to successfully complete this exercise in the targeted country context.

The international missions shall take place during Semester 1 of 2023.

Throughout the duration of the Contract, pre-selected Mission Advisers should have capacity to:

  1. Provide expert assistance locally to the chosen SMEs in their international missions advising them strategically to optimize their chance of success. Build upon existing contacts identified in KETs4Dual-Use Phase 1 and then focus on the outcomes of the previous activities undertaken i.e. mapping survey of SMEs, focus group/workshop meetings, market knowledge documentation and webinars. In addition, this includes conducting joint preparatory meetings with the selected SMEs prior to the business missions so the SMEs are fully aware of the specific market (incl. key stakeholders, specific rules and regulations within the dual-use area etc.)
  2. Develop a successful and tailored-made agenda for international missions. This agenda will be reviewed several times before being finalised and presented to the chosen SMEs for the international missions. It is essential that the advisers structure the agenda so the positive outcomes relate to achieving business agreements for SMEs in the target countries.
  3. Organise between 4 to 6 meetings for each of the 10-12 SMEs selected for each mission by the project with relevant stakeholders.
  4. Provide fact sheets on the targeted countries (according to the lot chosen) supply chains and in referencing topics stemming from the focus group/workshop meetings and global market needs and thus improve internationalisation support opportunities and funding for SMEs.

The above list is not considered exhaustive. The project consortium reserves the right to request deliverables not explicitly mentioned in the above list of expected services, but related to the field of expertise object of the present Contract.

In terms of quality requirements, the pre-selected Service Providers must ensure, inter alia, that:

  • The services are provided to the highest professional/academic standard;
  • Any specific instructions given by OPTITEC– whenever this is the case – are followed.

In addition to the orders requested on an as needed basis, the Provider shall keep regular communication with OPTITEC to ensure continuing exchange of information relevant to the project implementation. This involves, among others, to inform OPTITEC as soon as it becomes aware, during the execution of the Contract, of any initiatives and/or adopted laws and regulations, policies, strategies or action plans or any other development related to the object of the Contract, that could have an impact or consequence on the smooth implementation of required tasks. Unless otherwise agreed with the project consortium, written documents produced by the Provider shall be in English.


Exclusion criteria (by signing the Act of Engagement, you declare on your honour not being in any of the below situations)

Potential suppliers or bidders shall be excluded from participating in the tender procedure if they:

  • have been sentenced by final judgment on one or more of the following charges: participation in a criminal organisation, corruption, fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, terrorist offences or offences linked to terrorist activities, child labour or trafficking in human beings;
  • are in a situation of bankruptcy, liquidation, termination of activity, insolvency or arrangement with creditors or any like situation arising from a procedure of the same kind, or are subject to a procedure of the same kind;
  • have received a judgment with res judicata force, finding an offence that affects their professional integrity or serious professional misconduct;
  • do not comply with their obligations as regards payment of social security contributions, taxes and dues, according to the statutory provisions of their country of incorporation, establishment or residence;
  • are an entity created to circumvent tax, social or other legal obligations (empty shell company), have ever created or are in the process of creation of such an entity;
  • are or appear to be in a situation of conflict of interest in relation to the tender procedure;
  • are or if their owner(s) or executive officer(s), in the case of legal persons, are included in the lists of persons or entities subject to restrictive measures applied by the European Union (available at


Eligibility criteria

Tenderers shall demonstrate that they fulfil the following criteria (to be assessed on the basis of all supporting documents):

  • A university degree in law/political sciences/social sciences/international relations/public administration/ journalism/marketing, IT or related fields;
  • At least 5-10 years of professional experience in the areas mentioned as topics of Lots I-II-III (consulting, defence, security, cybersecurity or similar with proven experience in capacity-building, academic/legal research, analytical work, expert assessments, working as trainers, contribution to the events as speakers etc.).
  • At least 5 (five) proven years of experience working in the targeted countries with companies and national public institutions
  • Be proficient in English (at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – to be referenced in the CV).


Award criteria

Criterion 1: Quality of the offer (70%), including:

  • 50%: relevance of the experience and level of expertise of the tenderer in the areas covered by specific Lot;
  • 20%: previous assignments with international organisations.


Criterion 2: Financial offer (30%)
OPTITEC reserves the right to hold interviews with eligible tenderers.

The purpose of this notice is to invite formal costed proposals from eligible Advisers. Based on proposals received, one Adviser will be invited to negotiate a contract with the project team for the provision of services. OPTITEC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.


Tenderers are invited to indicate their unit fees. These fees are final and not subject to review. The amount allocated to this contract will not exceed 60 000€ excluding applicable taxes for the 3 lots.

Instructions to bidders

In order to be considered, proposals must be completed and received no later than 14:00 hrs (EDT), on closing date (9th of september 2022), at the following email address



Questions relating to this notice must be directed by email to:

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