Tech M&A conference, “Selling Up, Selling Out”

Le 08/10/2020
Tech M&A conference, “Selling Up, Selling Out”

An extremely informative session for technology CEOs who are considering an exit


Global economic events have made this the most critical time to calibrate the market in years. Many owners are choosing to exit now – but are you ready? What does it take to get an optimal outcome? What does each step of that process look like? What causes a deal to fall apart? What are buyers looking for? What are the mistakes you can avoid now to guarantee a successful exit later?

There’s no better way to discover all the ins-and-outs, dos and don’ts, than the world’s foremost Tech M&A conference, “Selling Up, Selling Out” - taught by former CEOs who've done the process themselves.


Presentation Highlights:

  • Defining an Optimal Outcome
  • The New World of Buyers
  • Profiting from Preparation
  • Positioning for Price
  • Valuation Models Today
  • Understanding Deal Structure
  • Strategizing Negotiation
  • Tax Optimization
  • Due Diligence Landmines
  • Mapping Your Integration
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Le 08/10/2020 de 10h00 à 13h00



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