Interview with Pascal Metzger, SET Corporation

Interview with Pascal Metzger, SET Corporation

Pascal Metzger
SET Corporation




Pascal Metzger, tell us about SET Corporation :

PM : "SET Corporation is unique in two ways.


First, we are known around the world for our solutions for niche technology markets like flip-chip bonders, which are a kind of high-precision semiconductor component assembly equipment. We are the world leader in active-pixel sensor assembly, for example. We are also known for our nanoimprint lithography, or NIL solutions.


Second, our organization itself is unique, and it reflects our unique philosophy. We became a Cooperative (a SCOP under French law) in 2012 when our employees came together to purchase the company. Today, our company is effectively owned and operated by the people who work here. So, teamwork and employee engagement are crucial to our success. We all work together to innovate on a day-to-day basis. Together really is better at SET and our headcount has doubled in six years. The fact that we are a Cooperative recently won us the InnoManagement award at the 2018 InnoWards in Annecy, France!."



What made you decide to join Minalogic?

PM: "SET Corporation is based in Haute Savoie, and Grenoble is a major center for the semiconductor industry, both in France and across Europe. We wanted to get closer to Grenoble’s ecosystem for the networking opportunities.


We also wanted to meet potential customers and partners and maybe even take part in a collaborative R&D project!."



What collaborative R&D projects have you participated in?

PM : "One of our flagship projects is in partnership with IRT Nanoelec (a Technology Research Organization). We have been a member of IRT Nanoelec since 2015. Funded in part by the French government’s economic stimulus package, IRT Nanoelec conducts research on tomorrow’s technologies. We are part of the organization’s 3D integration program.


We are working on advanced 3D integration technologies leveraging molecular bonding with partners that include CEA Tech institute Leti, the electronics and information technology laboratory of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. We have been working with the CEA for some 35 years on component assembly technologies, so this latest project is a natural next step.


And, in terms of collaborative R&D projects, SET Corporation is also a partner on the STILS project (STrain for Imaging, Lighting and Sensing) with Nelumbo Digital, the CEA, microelectronics lab LTM, CVA Silicone, and the Synchrotron (ESRF). This particular project is focusing on the design and fabrication of substrates including the bonding and transfer of constrained films for optics and microelectronics applications."



What services have you used since joining Minalogic?

PM : "One of the most important Minalogic services for us is the introductions to international corporations looking for innovations in semiconductors. 


We participated in Minalogic’s Open Innovation Day in November 2018 in Leuven, Belgium, for medtech leader Boston Scientific.


We also plan to attend the Infineon Open Innovation Day in late March 2019.


Minalogic has helped us raise our profile, especially at international trade shows, where Minalogic’s team provides logistics support. We will be exhibiting with other Minalogic members at Laser World of Photonics on June 24–27, 2019 in Munich.


Minalogic is also providing us with tech intelligence. We get information like who is attending or exhibiting at international trade shows and conferences and photonics market and tech insights..


In the future, it could be beneficial for us to go on one of Minalogic’s fact-finding missions on specific technologies or markets."



What kinds of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member? Business? Innovation?

PM: "We are looking for two things from Minalogic: assistance finding potential partners for our technology R&D projects and introductions to potential future customers."


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