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Trusted Internet-of-Things integration into pervasive applications


"Pervasive" means at the same time ubiquitous, ambient, seamless and transparent: it is the extension of software systems into the physical world. The objective of pervasive applications is to be efficient, invisible and to require a minimal amount of user attention.
We have already studied and demonstrated solutions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), asymmetric cryptography, keys and certificates, micro vault and secure protocols. These solutions are glutton (CPU, memory and power), are not easy to use and are generally tagged as a “High-End” solution.
We propose to integrate the concept of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technologies to insure authentication in a communication protocol and even more to astutely replace cryptographic keys.



  • A smart integration and coexistence of several security models and solutions at the application level.
  • A new proposal for a protocol including PUF based mutual authentication for pervasive applications, sensors and actuators.
  • The realization of a fully operational demonstrator platform.


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