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Tiempo Secure’s TESIC RISC-V IP Secure Element successfully characterized on GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX technology node

Tiempo Secure’s certified TESIC RISC-V Secure Element was implemented in GlobalFoundries’ (GF) 22FDX® platform with MRAM, after a rigorous characterization process. The Secure Element also passed the CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN.5 security assessment testing with the ITSEF SERMA laboratory. GF’s industry-leading 22FDX (22nm FD-SOI) platform boasts an ultra-low power memory, exceptional energy efficiency, and embedded MRAM technology.

Tiempo Secure leveraged its long-standing know-how in Secure IP, to adapt its TESIC design to the 22FDX technology process node. The TESIC platform has a secure architecture based on a RISC-V CPU core, memories including (ROM, RAM, Cache, Crypto-RAM, and MRAM non-volatile memory), random number generators, security sensors, and secure crypto-accelerators, capable of supporting various types of symmetrical and asymmetrical cryptographic algorithms. This provides a pre-silicon certified IP solution on GF’s 22FDX to SoC manufacturers who require a high-end Secure Element.

Mikaël Dubreucq, Tiempo Secure’s Global Sales & Marketing Vice President commented, “The successful integration and characterization of the TESIC RISC-V Secure Element into the GF 22FDX platform is proof of the unrivaled level of technology and certification expertise we have in-house. It provides silicon vendors with access to off-the-shelf Secure Element IP solutions for their chipset designs for IoT and Connectivity applications with Automotive applications in development. This achievement is also the result of our long-term partnership with GlobalFoundries”.

This achievement is the result of a very strong collaboration between the teams of experts at GF and Tiempo Secure. It reinforces our commitment to our customers to deliver secure, reliable, and flexible solutions that empower them to build robust, trustworthy systems,” added Ziv Hammer, Senior Vice President of Design Platforms and Services at GF.

About Tiempo Secure |

Tiempo Secure is a leading French DeepTech cybersecurity player, specializing in the design of IP solutions and key secure elements, for strategic embedded security systems (IoT, Mobile, Automotive, Medical, Payment, Defense, Smart Grid…). Located near Grenoble and the French Alps, Tiempo is part of the high-tech ecosystem at the heart of Inovallée. Its user-driven innovation mindset and strong international customer base are key to its success. Backed by private investment companies, in a very dynamic cybersecurity market, the company is growing fast to secure the ever-increasing number of connected devices.

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