SMARTENERGY - Six pack training series

SMARTENERGY - Six pack training series

Online advanced training & B2B on game changing emerging trends

How energising would it be to fully explore the ClusterXchange scheme set up in the fundamentals of our SMARTENERGY project?

How inspiring would it be to visit an R&D player in France, Hungary, Italy or Belgium?

For now the well known virus doesn't let us meet eachother in person. Well then we try to make the best of it using the virtual spaces we have.

The SMARTENERGY project set up Six pack training series on 4 different topics!

In 6 webinars each topic covers the value chain, specific technologies, important R&D players and SME's, workshops and meet & match session.

1. Hydrogen Technologies - starting 17/02 - more info & register

The Piedmont region (Italy) has placed hydrogen technologies at the heart of its policies for innovation towards energy transition, in particular for its applications in the transport sector. Environment Park and the CLEVER cluster invite you to discover the actors, projects and opportunities for collaboration.

2. Energy communities - starting 23/02 - more info  & register

Flux50 & TWEED in Belgium give you an overview of the concept of energy communities, what  they can or can become, the Belgian value chain with topnotch R&D actors and SME frontrunners. And what about the regulation and business case?

3. Smart grids - starting 04/03 - more info & register

France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France) is at the cutting edge of innovation and solutions for the Smart Grids sector.Tenerrdis (energy) and Minalogic (digital) clusters have merged their networks and expertise to offer you the best overview of regional Smart Grids players and flagship projects.

4. Smart buildings - starting 12/03 - more inforegister

Hungary and Csongrad Region are thriving with an emerging industry of Smart buildings where many operators develop business opportunities on a daily basis. Archenerg Cluster would like to invite all interested actors and stakeholders to get to know about the trends, solutions, and technologies in the field of Smart Buildings in Hungary.


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