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The governance structure at Minalogic is organized around a board of directors which manages strategy at the cluster. The board oversees the coordination and technological units and reports to the members of the cluster at regular meetings.


The Minalogic Board of Directors is made up of the following sixteen members :

Philippe Magarshack
Representant of STMicroelectronics
Antoine Perrin
Vice-President & Treasurer
Representant of Schneider Electric
Eric Pierrel
Vice-President Startups and SMEs
Representant of Itris Automation Square
Patrick Gros
Vice-President Academic Relations
Representant of INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
Didier Chaminade
Vice-President Government Relations
Representant of Orange
Emmanuel Sabonnadière
Representant of CEA
Vincent Tempelaere
Vice-President Industry of the Future
Representant of Eveon
Christian Balmain
Representant of Hardis Group
Pierre Benech
Representant of Grenoble INP
Philippe Béraldin
Representant of Bidul & Co
Michèle Cottier
Representant of University Jean Monnet - Saint-Etienne
Patrick Lévy
Representant of University Grenoble-Alpes
Eric Maurincomme
Representant of INSA de Lyon
Philippe Maurin-Perrier
Representant of IREIS
Annick Merle
Representant of the Isere General Council
Frédéric Perrot
Representant of ARaymond

All categories of Minalogic members-corporate partners, local government, small and mid-sized enterprises and industries, training and education organizations, and research laboratories-are represented on the board.


The board also grants certification for projects via an extended committee that includes experts in the fields concerned.

The time it takes for a project to be certified varies. However, turnaround times always take into account the proposal submission deadlines.

Projects that do not obtain certification the first time they are submitted may in some cases be re-submitted for Minalogic certification once any changes recommended by the review committee are made.