Minalogic’s ecosystem also boosts the visibility of your job and internship openings.


With the hiring programs offered by us and our partners, we can even help preselect candidates for you to help round out your team with both new and experienced employees.

What you get:

👉 Promotions by Minalogic of your job and internship openings

👉 Candidates preselected by our experts

👉 Two specialized programs to help you hire both new and experienced employees

We help you:

✅ Advertise job and internship openings via our communications

✅ Filter candidates using our CV-Thèque service

✅ Hire young talent through our annual Job bridge event

✅ Hire an experienced employee from a major corporation at a subsidized salary to take your startup or small business to the next level through our Passerelle program

job offers published on minalogic.com in 2022
job meetings at our Job bridge 2022 event
profiles selected for the Minalogic CV-library and sent monthly to our members in 2022
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