Industry 4.0

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is home to more industrial jobs than any other region in France, in addition to a wealth of companies potentially looking to digitize their production lines.

Minalogic helps businesses in local industries transition to sustainable digital technologies through its involvement with the Campus Région du Numérique training center, our own MinaSmart European digital innovation hub, an alliance of regional competitiveness clusters specializing in industries of the future, and the Vitrines Industrie du Futur certification committee.

Key technological competencies

✅ IIoT- Connected Objects / Cyber-Physical Systems

✅ Robotics / Cobotics

✅ Simulation / Digital Twin

✅ Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

✅ Big Data / Data Management / Cybersecurity

✅ Artificial Intelligence

✅ Maintenance Prédictive

✅ Fabrication additive / impression 3D

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