Bringing Your Project to Life

At Minalogic, we use our renowned expertise to help our members bring their projects to life and maximize their chances of winning bids and funding for regional, national, and European government projects.


Our experts are there for you every step of the way, helping you write compelling bids and introducing you to potential business partners. We leverage our experience and knowledge of players in the digital technology ecosystem to help you grow your business.

What you get:

👉 Guidance in your innovative plans every step of the way

👉 In-depth knowledge of players in the ecosystem

👉 Personalized selection of potential business partners

We help you:

✅ Stay up-to-date on the latest innovations via webinars

✅ Devise innovative plans

✅ Formulate bids for European projects

✅ Transfer technology via our EasyTech program

✅ Scale up via our EasyIndus program

certified and financed projects since 2005
€ 1,2 B
in public fundings
€ 2,8 B
in total R&D spending linked to projects
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