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Imalogic: The X-ray and Infra-red Imagers of the Future



Improvements in CMOS circuitry have opened up new opportunities, sparked advances in integration and packaging technologies, and driven the development of new detection materials that have a profound impact on the imaging field. The potential benefits for public health, safety, and the environment are considerable, and international competition from Japan and the United States is fierce. Minalogic counts among its members leaders in Xray and infra-red imaging.


Overcome technical hurdles to developing the digital imagers of the future, with a particular focus on detection components and technologies: - Detection materials and technologies - CMOS reading or detection circuits and embedded intelligence - Integration and encapsulation technology Ensure that future products meet the needs of the market by working closely with target industries. The target applications apply to the following markets: - Safety - Surveillance - Civil aviation - Automobile - Health: medical x-ray radiology and infra-red imaging.

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Basic Technologies


22,425 K€


54 month

Human resources allocated

120 men/year