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Today's embedded applications are extremely complicated, with some 10 million lines of code needed to operate a smartphone. Moreover, they often combine into a single system many different programming languages, a coherent set of programming models, and various components including multicore clusters and hard-coded functions. All this into tiny mobile devices. Despite a steady increase in integration capacity, engineers must squeeze more and more processing power and memory into a smaller space--while keeping an eye on production costs. New methods are therefore needed for engineers to maintain design productivity, allow for even more complicated systems, and enable the integration of hardware and software development toolchains.


The Acose project will build a powerful development environment where engineers can design and model systems at varying levels of detail. The platform will span all steps of the innovation process, from software development through to implementation on one or more platforms. Acose will address issues like system complexity, the separation of calculations and communications, service quality, accuracy, model- and component-based design, integration with existing systems, power optimization, and specific business needs like report generation capabilities. The environment will let SoC and system integrators implement effective product lifecycle management strategies.

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36 month

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77 men/year