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Project type

FUI 13

Project holder


INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes

Non-members Partners

Vertical M2M, LCIS - Laboratoire de Conception et d'Intégration des Systèmes, MoTwin


The Bluesky project will help industrial equipment manufacturers develop market-leading innovations, diversify their product ranges, and grow revenue in spite of a highly competitive environment. The project team will develop a distributed automated system simple enough to be used by non-experts. It will include hardware, software, telecom equipment, and services, and leverage the trend towards the Internet of things--specifically by using next-generation mobile terminals.


The project's main innovations will include: - Non-expert-user focused design; * A standardized development environment tailored to the growing need for automation and M2M connectivity; * Formalized testing procedures for business application programs; - The transparent connection to and use of web services hooked up to machines' automated systems; - Distributed application through wireless connections on a network with intermittent connectivity; - M2M technology for automatically connecting the various machines covered by the automated system.

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Digital infrastructures


6,000 K€


36 month

Human resources allocated