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Delpix: X-Ray Tomography


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Digisens, INSA Lyon - Institut National des Sciences Aplliquées, Trixell

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Metrologic Group, GIPSA-lab - Grenoble Images Parole Signal Automatique, Noesis, Thales Avionics LCD


X-ray tomography, also known as "scanner" has been widely used in the medical industry for many years and has revolutionized medical radiography. However, due to the time needed to reconstruct volume images, insufficient resolution, and high equipment cost, it not commonly used in the manufacturing industry. German firms currently serve 80% of this largely untapped market. The Delpix project aims to overcome the technological obstacles blocking the wider use of X-ray tomography among manufacturers and in production chains.


The Delpix project aims to develop rapid X-ray tomography technology that can improve quality control on a production line. By building an X-ray tomography platform (the only one of its kind in France), the project team will be able to: - Develop a new generation of flat-panel X-ray detectors that are both cheaper and more robust - Develop new software to reconstruct volume images at a speed greater than 20 and reduce image artifacts - Process volume data electronically in order to detect part defects automatically - Measure the dimensions of internal part structures

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9,225 K€


36 month

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21 men/year