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Energy-efficiency management system for data centers


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Schneider Electric Industries, Université Grenoble Alpes

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UXP, G2Elab - Grenoble Génie Electrique


As a green IT project, EnergeTIC aims to shrink the environmental footprint of IT equipment throughout the entire product life cycle. More specifically, the project will focus on reducing data centers' power consumption. These server clusters currently account for 1.3% of global electricity use (~200 TWh) and, indirectly, 2% of global CO2 emissions. Most of this electricity is dissipated and lost on its way to server CPUs; only an estimated 5% of the power supplied to data centers actually goes to create value. As a result, there are major efficiency gains to be had on data center equipment, including hardware, power inverters, and cooling systems.


EnergeTIC will develop a functional prototype of a data center management system that optimizes power consumption by matching the amount of power supplied to IT equipment and cooling systems with the needs of the software being run. The project will seamlessly merge together systems from two very different fields: computer engineering and servers; and secure power and cooling systems. This type of system integration is revolutionary and will require project engineers to establish a set of common concepts. They will also need to come up with new technology to optimize overall power consumption, incorporate reactive, predictive, and preventative measures, and account for service-level agreement requirements.

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6,713 K€


30 month

Human resources allocated

51 men/year