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FUI 13

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Pleiades Technologies, Everial, CNRS/Université de Poitiers


Today most organizations have become more effective at backing up their data on hard drives thanks to the slew of data security recommendations available. But not many are able to archive their data for the very long term. Too often, data disappear into a "digital black hole" due to a failure to migrate hardware and software to permanent storage systems, or simply as a result of organizational changes or budgetary constraints. The Fahrenheit2451 project aims to establish sapphire disks as the medium of choice for archiving data in color and high definition. Sapphire disks are robust, tamper-proof, and stable for extremely long periods of time, and don't require any maintenance. They are ideally suited for archiving sensitive documents, historic photos and documents, and regulatory information, for example.


The main added value of the project is it will let organizations implement an "archive and forget" policy for their data, secure in the knowledge that their data are safe for the long term. Fahrenheit2451 will use the sapphire disks developed under Minalogic's Nanoforme project to store black and white data, enhancing the disks to accommodate high-definition, color, and high-dynamic-range images. The project will also establish a chain of trust to give probative value to data stored on sapphire disks. And it will strive to lower the product cost of sapphire disks and scanners so they can be used by all types of organizations.

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24 month

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20.2 men/year