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Homes and buildings Optimised for Mastery of Energy and Services


Project holder

Schneider Electric Industries


Radiall, STMicroelectronics Grenoble, Leti

Non-members Partners

Somfy, CIAT, EDF, CEA Liten, G2Elab - Grenoble Génie Electrique, G-SCOP - Sciences pour la Conception, l'Optimisation et la Production de Grenoble, INES - Institut National de l?Énergie Solaire, Watteco, Wieland Electric, Delta Dore, Philips Lighting, CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment


In order for each building to achieve top energy performance, the HOMES programme is designing affordable solutions that are easy to implement and utilise. Pervasive technologies provide sensors and powerful communication and computation tools.


HOMES will address the needs of three kinds of construction industry players: - Facilities managers, by developing surveillance, energy management, and control systems; - Property developers, by making it easier to obtain environmental certifications; - Vocational and technical training providers, by developing technology to design new systems and improve energy efficiency know-how. The main focus will be on small commercial property; some 95% of the commercial property in Europe is comprised of buildings under 2,500 m² and without energy management systems. The researchers will look at interoperability among applications, simplified system implementation processes, and new architectures that allow for site-specific system control.

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48 month

Human resources allocated