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Cloud based supervision for industrial processes : application to energy production and distribution.

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FUI 10

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Atos Worldgrid


AIM - Applications industrielles des microprocesseurs

Non-members Partners

Gaz Electricité de Grenoble, LIG - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble


Modern energy markets now come with the following prevalent characteristics: - Multi operator context is now everywhere even for small size markets : new supervision systems have to insure isolation between parties potentially tied by contractual terms but acting on the same physical system. - Green energy and more generally multi-sources plants and operators introduce increasing complexity and dynamic in production and transport management. - Fossile energies access and cost introduce increasing safety issues and a tremendous need for optimization which implementation leads to more and more intelligence to be concentrated on the field and thus securely managed and deployed from remote locations. Centrally hosted, statically configured and heavy weight classical supervision systems do not scale to these new drivers. IDeviceCloud effeciently answers these new aspects of flexibility and dynamicity no matter the process or market size. IDeviceCloud solution is both software and hardware introducing a field smart device called iDeviceBox.


IDeviceCloud differentiates itself from standard SCADA Architecture introducing two main key points: - A grid of intelligent software nodes designed to be multiplatform ranging from industrial field grade embedded hardware to standard office desktops and mobile handsets. - An integrated and extensible software dynamic framework allowing supervision logic and data to be configured and acted upon from merely any point giving access to the supervision cloud. IDevicecloud innovation opens valuable benefits specifically to energy transport and production processes which are physically highly distributed and where site environmental conditions / access is a safety or cost issue. This is typically the case for off-shore wind farms, oilfields, water ressources monitoring, isolated electrical co-generation units, pipeline surveillance, isolated micro-hydraulic turbines.... For those kind of processes scalability and maintenance operations quickly turn to be a costly matter wherever central and statically configured SCADAs are deployed. On site intervention of highly skilled people in the domain of automation (PLC, SCADA) is sometimes even not possible. IDeviceCloud objective is therefore to fill an existing gap introducing a new dynamically reconfigurable cloud based supervision scheme allowing remote operations from any access point on the grid. IDeviceCloud is an integrated solution offering: - Cloud supervision and surveillance software to be deployed on regular hardware or on iDeviceBox - iDeviceBox hardware IDeviceCloud software provides the required infrastructure to deploy and administrate the supervision cloud. It then enables custom based items to be deployed on the infrastructure on a per project basis.

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Industry 4.0


2,714 K€


36 month

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26 men/year