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iGlance: An Innovative Platform for 3D Digital Television



The iGlance project aims to develop a new-generation TV system to prepare for the next revolution in TV viewing. First came color, and then HDTV. The next generation TV set will be connected, interactive, and use multiple sources, so that viewers can interact directly with the shows they watch. iGlance reflects the convergence of PCs, Internet access, and traditional TVs into full-fledged home media centers, along with the development of 3D viewing technology. To reach the project's goals, new image compression, decompression, and formatting processes must first be standardized at an EU level using real-time demos and tests.


- Extensions designed for next-generation HDTV applications, such as new image quality adjustment features to improve the image chain for both processing and control. This gives an extremely high quality screen image and paves the way for 3DTV innovation.

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36 month

Human resources allocated

46 men/year