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FUI 19

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Gemalto, ISEN toulon, LIG - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, STMicroelectronics Rousset


We are currently witnessing a dual convergence: on the one hand, microcontrollers are present in all equipment, domestic or industrial. These microcontrollers are standardized around the Cortex cores from the company ARM. On the other hand, smartphones are increasingly present in all geographic markets and all aspects of our lives. Providing a complete solution to connect these two worlds is the main goal of the IoTize project.


Technologies encompassed by the project are:

  • Contactless proximity or "near field" communications (NFC),
  • Development of embedded applications based on microcontrollers,
  • Data security from embedded systems to the Cloud,
  • HMIs based on smartphones,
  • And smartphone connectivity channels (Wi-Fi, BLE, GSM, ...).


These different technologies are at the heart of the themes addressed by SCS and Minalogic centers. The IoTize project is thus part of three of the 34 recovery plans: "Software and Embedded Systems", "Contactless Services" and "Connected Objects".


The objective of the project is to connect embedded systems to smartphones using NFC modules. The purpose of this connection is, on the one hand, to benefit from shared and ergonomic Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and on the other hand to provide non-connected objects with a gateway to the Internet. These modules will be adaptable to most embedded systems using a process that was patented by KEOLABS in 2014. The IoTize project responds to specific needs of the IoT market with a global solution that extends from the embedded microcontroller to the Internet server. The solution is characterized by its ease of integration into most embedded systems. In most cases ir requires no software development or hardware development. A set of software tools will allow adaptation to embedded applications through a simple configuration of the solution.


Other features of IoTize are:

  • a high level of global security
  • a non-permanent, opt-in Internet access
  • a complete range of modules optimized for size and power consumption
  • the possibility to use the solution for maintenance and debugging


The first targets of IoTize are the SMEs and the ETIs who will benefit from IoTize's features without extensive and risky development (Android, Internet). The search for a qualitative HMI corresponds to the needs of the equipment, instrumentation and certain consumer product markets sectors such as the Smart Home.

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Digital infrastructures


3,823 K€


36 month

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24 men/year