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In progress

Project type

FUI 12

Project holder

Safran Labinal Power Systems


NovaPack, Serma Technologies

Non-members Partners

Atys consulting group, Nexans, Alstom Transport, Marion Technologies, ICMCB - Institut de Chimie de la matière condensée de Bordeaux, I2M-TREFLE, Ecole Centrale de Lille


The MC+ project aims to improve the conductivity of cable materials without affecting design methods, usage, and integrator installation. That will enable engineers to reduce the weight and volume of on-board cables--and especially electrical harnesses--in aerospace, railway, and spatial systems. In addition to enhanced conductivity, other benefits will include lower vehicle or aircraft fuel consumption and reduced emissions. For airplanes, the savings would correspond to an additional capacity of one or two passengers per hundred passengers--in an industry where passenger capacity is a major competitive advantage. For trains, the new technology could lighten the axles on each railcar by 140 kg, making trains more competitive due to greater fuel efficiency and less wear-and-tear.


The project's primary goal is to generate breakthrough technology that increases the conductivity of cable materials by adding reactive charges to the conducting matrix. The project team will create demonstrators of conductors, wires, and cables using the new technology to prove its industrial feasibility, from the raw materials through to the finished product.

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4,188 K€


36 month

Human resources allocated

36.6 men/year