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Project type

FUI 11

Project holder



Serma Technologies, STMicroelectronics Grenoble

Non-members Partners

Acuiplast, IMP - Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères, IMS EDMiNA


The Microplast project will develop the next generation of thermoplastics and corresponding conversion processes for making cavity packages (i.e., chip connection and protection boxes). Cavity packages made from these new thermoplastics will offer the same level of performance as more costly metal and ceramic ones. Potential applications include LEDs, silicon photonics, optical sensors, medical imaging, MEMS, and MOEMS--as well as emerging applications like power electronics and energy conversion using wide-bandgap semiconductors (made from SiC and GaN).


The project will target new processes for making cavity packages from cutting-edge materials. The innovations will include: - Liquid crystal polymer alloys and the corresponding fillers, engineered for the physical and mechanical properties required for each application; - The functionalization of polymer chains and sub-micron mineral fillers for optimal adhesion to metal surfaces; - Optical functionalization methods using the sol-gel process; - Improved surface preparation and treatment methods for metal surfaces; - Improved thermoplastic conversion processes to meet relative and absolute sealing specifications.

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3,223 K€


36 month

Human resources allocated

14.8 men/year