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MINimage: Micro-cameras for Applications of the Future

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Over the past several years, new, miniaturized cameras have been launched on the market for a number of different applications, most notably in the multimedia industry. The cost and energy consumption of these devices has been divided by ten in the space of a few years, while their volume is a thousand times less than that of the digital image sensors of the previous generation. Today, half of all mobile phones are equipped with these micro-cameras. A wide variety of industries, including automobile manufacturing, security, and medicine, have demonstrated high demand for micro-cameras. In the future, the devices will enable the complete analysis of images for medical diagnostics, surgery, and safety applications, among others.


Miniaturize and improve image sensors using a systems based approach (silicon, optics, mechanical components, and image processing) using: - High-definition image sensors (5 to 8 megapixels) manufactured using ultra-light-sensitive nanometric CMOS technology - Highly-innovative optical assemblies with robust, miniaturized autofocus capabilities - An innovative and more productive process for assembling the sensor and optics MINimage will also: Create a global micro-camera industry based in Europe, involving global industry leaders, innovative SMEs, and public research institutes at the forefront of scientific research in the field Generate revenue for the virtual economy via mobile telephony operators and associated services.

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48 month

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500 men/year